Exceptions and Other Important Information:

  • Ebony and darker skin tone dolls: I do not work on Ebony or darker skin tone dolls. My technique and skills rely on shading. Shading and most colors do not show up on the darker skin tones. This is especially true for the male dolls. There are some exceptions for the females as their make-up tends to show better. I can go up to an Iplehouse light brown on the females.
  • ​​Please be specific in regards to details on your commission requests. Do-overs are incredibly difficult due to the shading involved. I can't always re-do part of a face as it will affect the entire face-up.​
  • ​Doll head or entire doll are to be provided by customer. Please include eyes, back plate and a face mask for the doll. Face masks not only protect the paint but also the lashes. I will not be held responsible for any damage to the doll's face-up when face masks are not included.
  • Please understand that the blushing I do (especially on the male dolls, for realism) can make the skin tone look darker. Blushing and paint can be scratched off due to the nature of the hard resin surface. Special care in handling the doll is required.
  • Please indicate whether a doll has been modified upon scheduling appointment. I will need to see photos of modded dolls to determine whether or not I will work on them. 
  • Feel free to send me photos or view my website for ideas but I will not reproduce a face-up exactly because every customer deserves to have a unique product. Also, a face-up on one doll might look very different on another doll especially if the doll is a different sculpt.
  • ​​The colors you see on your monitor may differ from the actual doll. All monitors show colors differently. 
  • ​If the doll is not received by the scheduled appointment date, the appointment is forfeit. All forfeited appointments will require a non-refundable deposit on the rescheduled appointment time. If you cannot make an appointment, please let me know as soon as possible and I will reschedule you.
  • I no longer do eye modifications that require ​​​the entire eye to be opened. I will only do minor eye modifications that would enlarge the already existing eye openings for esthetic reasons.
  • Payment is due after final pics are sent. If you have multiple dolls getting face-ups over a period of weeks, payment is still due for the first face-up upon completion. Once all face-ups are complete, I will add shipping costs to last doll and ship them together upon final payment.
  • If I am unfamiliar with the doll you wish me to work on, I may ask for photos prior to acceptance. In some cases, I may decline the face-up if I feel the quality of the sculpt would interfere with the results of the face-up. Please do not take offense. 
  • I am no longer taking commissions for body blushing.



Commission Book is Open

for October and November.

I am now accepting commissions on a limited basis of 2 per month. Face-ups must be for realistic sculpts. I may inquire as to what doll you want painted and there is a chance I may not accept the sculpt based on: resin quality, sculpt quality or size. Please do not take offence if I decline your doll. I've been painting dolls for 12 years and do not wish to go through burn-out, so I have to make it enjoyable for me as an artist otherwise it's just not worth painting them.

Commission Appointments

Commission Book will open in Spring 2019. I only do commissions on the weekends and future appointments will be limited to two a month. Please contact me if you are interested in having a face-up done and I will inform you of availability.