Q. I've seen some of your Tonner repaints. Do you still work on fashion dolls?            

A. No, I no longer work on vinyl dolls or fashion size dolls.

Q. Can you make my doll look like my favorite celebrity, boyfriend, girlfriend or myself?

A. I do not do look-a-like face-ups as commissions. Even custom celebrity sculpts sometimes don't come out quite right (as I have experienced) so I prefer to do face-ups on regular dolls.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?  

A. I accept Paypal and USPS Money Orders. 

Q. What size dolls do you work on?                               

A. I only work on SD size and larger. I no longer work on 43cm BJD's or smaller dolls. I do not work on resin fashion dolls or Iplehouse FID. I will work on Kaye Wiggs and similar size dolls as their heads are larger.

Q. Do you paint BJD animals?   

A. No, I do not. My expertise is with the human faces only

Q. Do you work on colored or tan dolls?   

A. Yes but only if the colors are part of the resin and not just coated on top of the resin. You will need to check with the doll manufacturer first to be sure. Some of the methods I use while painting can damage coated dolls. I do NOT work on dark brown or ebony colored dolls. 

Q. Do you do partial face-ups?                                                  

A. Sometimes. Although it is difficult to remove part of the old face-up without damaging the parts you might wish to keep. I would have to see a photo of the doll and judge on a case by case basis.

Q. What methods of shipping do you use?

A. For US shipments of dolls, I use FedEx Ground. For US & overseas shipments of heads, I use USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail (client's choice).

Q. Do you charge to remove old face-ups?      

A. No, I do not.

Q. Do you require a deposit?                                            

A. Only if a client previously missed an appointment without notification. I would then require a 50% non-refundable deposit from that client for future face-ups.

Q. Can I have the doll shipped directly to you from the manufacturer?                                                    

A. Yes! In fact I recommend it to save you money on shipping.

Q. Do you charge tax?

A. Yes, for shipments to AZ addresses only. 

Q. Do you make the clothing for your dolls?

A. No, sewing is not one of my talents. I rely on other talented seamstresses

Q. Do you do eye modifications or tattoos?

A. Only minor modifications. I no longer mod sleeping eyes to open eyes. Only minor esthetic modifications. I do all the mods by hand using very small files. Tattoos are not my forte. I've only just started painting a few tattoos on my own dolls for practice. Face-ups are what I do best.